Lizzie Snoopes in Dystopia  Podcast Artwork Image

Lizzie Snoopes in Dystopia

Lizzie Snoopes & Co. with Purcell Press

If you like villains, tricksters, hucksters and heroes, and a touch of "carry on and camp" then you're in the right place! Lizzie Snoopes is a radio-pilot / show in the grand old tradition of pantomime and farce, with a touch of slap stickle along the way!

Prepare for a wild ride through the winding lanes of middle-aged suburbia. This time, our two divorcees are trapped on a boat in a murky corner of East London. Oh, the folly of it all!
Attempting to escape the depths of the Thames, they find themselves ensnared by Jonny, a heartless crook with no mercy. Oh, the horror! The pressure mounts as these poor souls realize the direness of their predicament. Their brows furrow, their minds race, and panic sets in like a swarm of bees in a jam factory.
Amid this chaotic whirlwind, clarity dawns upon our protagonists. Like a light bulb flickering to life in the darkest attics, they are reminded of their painful past intertwined with drugs. Ah, the follies of youth, dancing like mischievous imps in their memories!
Picture these two bewildered souls standing before their captors, babbling on about an unfortunate tryst with the law and a nasty little file on the computer system at the local cop shop! 
But there's more to come! Listen and be bewildered, just like our middle-aged duo.